Indoorguide Office

Company sites and office buildings

Enthusiastic visitors 

Less search stress means positive feedback. contagt thrills your visitors and emphasizes your innovative image.

Higher efficiency 

With contagt, your employees can use their working hours optimally. New employees are able to orient themselves much faster.

Emergency management

Phone numbers, locations of defibrillators, etc. – in case of emergency, contagt is the “rescue plan for the pocket.”


Indoorguide Retail

Retail and shopping centers

Better service 

contagt enables your employees to solemnly focus on client counseling instead of helping customers find their ways.

Secure data foundation

Optimize your sales floor applying movement data, including the highest data privacy and without “big brother” methods.

Higher revenues

No more abandoned shopping carts. Your customers find what they are looking for, in all languages and with additional content.


Indoorguide Parking

Parking blocks and underground garages

Find your car

Where did I park my car? With contagt, this common and very nerve-wrecking questions is a thing of the past.

Location-based marketing

Use the app to connect with your customers when they have reached their destination and like to go shopping close by.


contagt innovates your parking garage palpably. Your customers will definitely tell their friends and relatives about it.


Indoorguide Venue

Trade shows, conventions, hotels, and museums

Navigation and tours

Improve your customer satisfaction and your return visit rate by offering simple orientation and theme-based tours.

Interactive content

The app can automatically show explanations, videos, pictures, etc. when a user approaches a certain location within the building.

Fascinating experience

Lead your visitors into a new, digital world in which they feel instantly at home – intuitive, multilingual, and in your desired design.


Indoorguide Custom

Your project

Hospital, university, airport…

contagt can be used in any type of building. The platform is very flexible and can be tailored particularly to your needs.

From planning to implementation

You have specific ideas for your Indoorguide? No problem! We accompany your from the idea to the finalized app.

Collaboration with partners

We are always open for cooperations. Do you have an exciting project at hand? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!