Knowhow for signmakers: digital wayfinding

Signage and stickers are ubiquitous in buildings. At the same time, they are also the perfect prerequisite for the addition of a digital application. For advertising technicians, this approach opens up the opportunity to expand their service portfolio in a meaningful way. The only question is: what to look out for?

On April 28, 2023, advertising technology industry professionals from all over Germany came together at the Werbelandmesse in Baunatal to exchange ideas about the latest trends and developments. We were on site and had many conversations. Here’s a brief rundown of the topics that generated the most conversation:

  • Coordinated concept and design: it is important that the signage and the app conceptually fit together. This means, for example, that the wording (room names) and design (colors and icons) of the analog world are also taken up in the digital space. An overarching plan should be developed as to which information is provided where and via which channels.
  • Seamless transition between analog/stationary to digital/mobile: In general, there are several technologies for creating entry points for smartphone apps. The most common is QR codes. When a visitor scans a code printed on a sign, the associated app opens immediately. By the way, with current smartphones, QR code scanning works directly with the pre-installed camera app – no separate app is needed anymore!
  • Trend toward more accessibility in buildings: How can you get from A to B without stairs? How can visually impaired people be guided? Many accessibility issues are being solved by digital apps. In short, apps can play out anything that doesn’t fit on signs, enriched with multimedia. In this way, building operators can meet new legal requirements for accessibility.
  • Positioning digital solutions with prospective customers: Innovation leads to enthusiasm! A coordinated combination of analog and digital is very well received by both building operators and end users. For traditional signage, a digital enhancement means a dramatic upgrade in functionality. In addition, the app component ensures the future-proofing of the control system.


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