The Importance of Feedback from People with Disabilities in App Development

In the development of the contagt solution, it is always crucial to gather feedback from people with disabilities regarding user-friendliness. Only in this way can issues be identified that may not be apparent to sighted individuals, despite their awareness of the needs of people with disabilities.


What can visually impaired individuals discover?

During the mid-term demonstration of our research project “OpenData2Guide ScaleUp,” it became evident once again that feedback and comments from blind and visually impaired users are extremely helpful. The following points, for instance, are things that sighted app developers can only recognize to a limited extent:

  • The information that is crucial for blind individuals depending on the situation.
  • The most suitable actions (swiping, tapping, etc.) for different situations.
  • When action prompts/explanatory texts are necessary and when they are not.
  • The need to define headings, as blind users rely on them for navigating through the app.


Our recommendation: Get in touch!

How can app developers get started? We strongly advise every developer to engage with disability associations and have their apps tested early on. In larger cities, there are often associations for the blind that are willing to assist. Blind schools can also provide young, interested testers. Additionally, senior citizen clubs and disability representatives in cities are other avenues to find feedback providers for further accessibility features. In our experience, the exchange is always fruitful, and once established, long-term relationships often form.