contagt certified by again

On September 16th 2022, federal association IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) and nonprofit association e.V. invited local IT companies to the “Gipfeltreffen der deutschen Software- und IT-Anbieter” (summit of German software and IT providers) in Karlsruhe. Telemaxx Telekomunikation GmbH, an IT provider and owner of various computing centers, was hosting the event.


Exciting program

The event began with three presentations in a relaxed atmosphere. Martin Hubschneider, senior executive of CAS Software AG and co-founder of the inititative, summarized the history of origins and idea behind His message: Europe must strive for digital sovereignty and dependencies bear severe risks, even more evident through the consequences of the war in Ukraine. Raphael Bächle, managing director of Telemaxx GmbH, presented the history of the hosting company. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche, one of the leading computer scientists in Germany, introduced to the audience a new usability trend called “Multi-Experience” (you can find the respective research paper here). Following the presentations there was a tour through one of Telemaxx’s computing centers.


contagt certified by again

During the event, contagt’s platform was awarded with the quality label for the current business year. CEO Johannes Britsch proudly accepted the award, stating: “We are very happy to receive the award again. It shows that we are spot on with our approach to ensure data protection, which plays a crucial role for our customers as well. contagt has been part of the initiative from the very beginning and whole-heartedly supports its values.”



The quality label is based on three central principles: Data protection, transparency, and fairness. Certified products consistently stick to the European data protection law (EU-DSGVO). The terms of use are formulated in easily understandable language and are accessible to the public. In addition, products are both based on minimizing the amount of data gathered and respectful of user sovereignty over their personal data. Similar to organic certifications for farmers, intends to embody a community of IT providers sharing the same values.